Study Abroad

Within the frameworks of the Invest in Talents Stipend Program Peshraft provides support for the students to pursue their academic studies abroad. Establishing partnerships with universities and colleges in Russia, United Kingdom, China and Ukraine Peshraft helps local talented students get enrolled in a specially offered scholarship programs.

In 2012 PО Peshraft and Anglia Ruskin University provided scholarship program for Suman Kurbanova from Dushanbe International School. She passed all necessary exams for Amity Business School and was accepted for the BA Business Management program. The same year Peshraft sponsored Shuhrat Sharpov to study Business Management at the Beijing Capital University of Business.


In addition to scholarship opportunities, those students who get enrolled in a foreign university or college can participate in the Orienbank Fellowship receiving financial support from the bank while pursuing their studies abroad.

In 2013 Peshraft was granted 1 scholarship place in Kyiv International University on International Relations studies.

Main criteria we take into consideration when recommending a student for a scholarship program is student’s financial status, knowledge of English and overall excellent academic record.


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