Peshraft Free Courses

Public Organization Peshraft is now providing free TOEFL & Academic Writing & Effective Communication Courses.

430075_422581751145712_93307783_nThe lessons are being conducted at School #1 three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Thirty peshraftees attend the courses after passing through the TOEFL-like test that measured their level of English.

The courses incorporate advanced English grammar lessons, paper writing lessons (essays, business letters, scholarship applications, project proposals, etc) and communication lessons (interpersonal communication, public speaking, debates, group discussions, etc).

Courses Record:

More than 50 most frequently faced grammatical issues have been successfully covered by “peshraftees” within the three weeks of intensive TOEFL preparation lessons. The students have already passed complex and bewildering problems with nouns, articles, adjectives, parallel structures, prepositions, clauses and other intricate grammatical elemetns crucial for receiving a high score at TOEFL.

Our typical lesson is basically divided into two periods with each lasting for 80-90 minutes. The first period of a lesson is dedicated to grammatical issues every student should know how to acquire good written and spoken command of English.

The second period of the lesson is filled with either Effective Speaking or Effective Written Communication special course.

The Effective Speaking course has been recognized by the peshraftees as the most cognitive and interesting one. The peshraftees have already covered the theory of the art of public speaking learning such issues as professoinal ethics, critical thinking, positive nervousness, intercultural awareness, ethnocentrism, plagiarism, frame of reference, audience analysis, communication process, visual aids and other relevant facets every good speaker must take into consideration prior to delivering an actual speech. The course is also supplemented by English debates and group discussions.

The Effective Written Communication course incorporates different genres of the art of effective writing including the proper preparation of general essays, grant/scholarship applications, motivational letters, corporate email letters, text & movie critiques, news stories (for journalism students only) and other. So far, the students have learnt how to organize and write an effective Letter of Motivation while applying for university or academic grant/ scholarship.

The courses are now being conducted once a week due to a five-day-long school schedule.


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