“Invest In Talents” Stipend Programme

TajikInvest Charitable Trust – is a charitable foundation, registered in the UK, which have founded by the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan. The project «TajikInvest» is unique and represents the synergy of charitable organizations and agencies for establishing a positive image of our country abroad. Human capital – is the most important wealth and the only unique potential of our country. Our goal is to pull together and to enable proper growth of the young generation of Tajikistan.

RPO «Peshraft» — Republican social, charitable organization created to support their countrymen, the mission of which is target at improving the education of young people in Tajikistan, through the assistance to gifted and diligent in obtaining admittance to quality education and motivate them to learn.

The founder of the RPO «Peshraft» consists of young highly skilled professionals in Tajikistan and abroad: Azamat Sultanov, Firdaus Shahidi, Abdullo Kurbanov, Matlab Uktam, Rakhmatulloyev Zuhursho.


The purpose and mission of the PRO «Peshraft»: Projects implemented by the RPO «Peshraft» directed on increase of the level of education of young people of Tajikistan through the support to the  gifted and diligent children from low-income families to have access to quality education and motivate them to learn;

-rendering financial and other support for socially vulnerable segments of the population through the charitable events and activities;

-attraction of the younger generation for serving to the community, the development of the  patriot spirit in their hearts, as well as promoting the image of the country through the assistance, which provided by the young and talented artists and sports.
In this section you can familiarize with one of the most successful projects implemented by PO «Peshraft» «Investing in talents» on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period 2011-2016 years. (Project operates to this day).

Scholarship program «Invest in Talents» was officially launched in October 2011.
The purpose and tasks of the project are to support talented young people, contribution to the human capital of the country, and also improving the quality of education for young people in Tajikistan, raising and promoting the country’s image within and beyond its borders. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan, «Tajikinvest» fund grants fellowships every month for gifted students according to their social status and academic achievements. The essence of the program is the support and motivation of pupils, serving as a sign of recognition of their achievements. The program is funded by the «Tadjikinvest» Foundation and implemented by the Public organization «Peshraft».

Each of pupils from 10 to11 classes of secondary schools can take part in this scholarship program. All program participants are selected solely according to their academic records, and also according to the results of the test and the interview. Students from low-income families have priority in the selection process.
Step-by-step activities of selecting the scholars. At the beginning of each academic year the RPO «Peshraft» together, in cooperation with the Office of Education in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, announces about the next admission of scholars for the next academic year. Announcements are made in the form of informational posters, which are attached at the entrance of each high school of the city. Make arrangements with the management of school about providing a list of interested pupils in grades 10-11 to participate in the program.

In order to take part in the project «Investing in talents», pupil from high school needs to apply for participation by filling in the appropriate forms, which is provided to the director of secondary school by the RPO «Peshraft». By acquirering these forms students fill it with the relevant requirements. This form filled so that «Peshraft» was able to determine the exact number of participants, as well as the language to be convenient to carry out testing.

Tests are developed in two languages: Russian and Tajik.
Elaborated tests for determining the level of knowledge of the project’s beneficiaries «Investing in talents» changed and supplemented in concert with the best Methodists of the most prestigious high schools of Dushanbe (Hoji Kamol Tajik-Turkish Lyceum, Tajik-Russian grammar school Hotam and PV, gymnasium-branch of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and so on. d.) every year.



The first stage — testing.

After the submission of applications the selection of fellows committee of RPO «Peshraft» collects applications, which have filled by the participants, and then conducts a test in one of the secondary schools in the city, or in a room that can be used as an examination room (reading rooms in libraries, classrooms in secondary schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions with the written permission of their management) for a paid or a charitable basis.
Conduction of test consists of 2 academic hours (90 minutes).

Content of test includes 4 school subjects, which have been adapted more to the educational and methodical program of the 9th grade of secondary schools. There are also 5 subjects for determining the child’s IQ. After completing the test, participants should write a short essay on a free topic consist of 15-20 sentences. The questionnaire includes 10 questions for each subject. Each answer will worth in 2 points by the Verification Commission of the RPO «Peshraft». Members of the verification committee are employees of RPO «Peshraft» and honorary volunteers approved by the Founder of the Charitable Fund «TajikInvest» and PO «Peshraft».
The tests are evaluated by 100 point scale. Participants, who scored more than 70 points, pass to the next round of selection.

The next round is interviews, which are also held by members of committee on the selection of fellows RPO «Peshraft».

The interview includes the following goals and objectives:
— Acquaintance with the potential participant of the project, for example, assessment of abilities of making decision in different situations:

— Conducting conversations on various intellectual topics: choosing a future profession, future outlook on life, hobbies, participation in international and local scientific and creative competitions and etc…

— Assessment of the social and material situation of the family in which he (she) is brought up. Only after all of it, they tender a list of required documents confirming that the child is brought up in a poor family, and really needs to participate in the scholarship program.

All of interviews are conducted confidentially.
After conducting interviews the Commission for the selection of scholars RPO «Peshraft» selects a limited number of scholars, whose number is determined by the Founder of the Charitable Fund «TajikInvest» and RPO «Peshraft» every year. The number of participants in the program depends on allocated funds for the current year.
A brief history of the program:

In 2011-2012, 40 students participated in the program. At the end of the program more than 10 participants entered to the foreign universities.

In 2012-2013, the Integrated Selection System has been used in the program. As a result, 206 students from 50 schools of Dushanbe have applied to participate in the program. According to the results of the qualifying tests, which include questions of mathematics, logic, Tajik, Russian and English languages, 100 candidates were selected for holding in interviews.


78 finalists were selected according to the results of the interview and became participants of the program.

Besides of granting fellowships every month, «Peshraft» is conducting a large-scale activity with grantees to promote their personal development, development of patriotic spirit and social responsibility, leadership training and other skills, which are necessary for success.

In 2013-2014 — 40 students were selected for participation in the program.

In 2015-2016 — 50 students have selected from 45 schools in Dushanbe

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