«Informational Technology Laboratory» has been opened in a boarding school №2 district of Firdavsi, the Republic of Tajikistan.

Public organization «Peshraft» is successfully operating in Tajikistan in areas of increasing the level of education and youth literacy for 5 years, and also directly carries out charitable activities among vulnerable populations. In this year, within the area of «Access to educational resources» of the RPO «Peshraft», launched a unique innovative project «IT Lab» in January — (“Informational Technology Laboratory «). This project gives an opportunity for students of boarding schools to acquire knowledges and skills, which are important in the modern20 world via the Internet and computer programs. The first IT- laboratory, we were able to organize in a specialized boarding school №2 Firdavsi due to the effective support of the company and the fund «Kuhiston».
We express our heartfelt gratitude to the company «Samsung Electronics» and fund «Kuhiston» for helping us a lot in the lab equipment. They have transferred and installed 16 computers and 8 computer tables in boarding school № 2. It should be noted that before he students of the boarding school did not have an opportunity to use computers, because they never have them, computer science was not even a part of the school curriculum.

The uniqueness of the project (Informational Technology Laboratory) is that beside of learning the basic technology of working with computer, it also provides training programs and editing videos / photographs. These skills will undoubtedly help to students in further employment after graduation, because the boarding schools are private institutions and it is very difficult for their graduates to integrate into society. That is why beside of training a computer program, a team of volunteers consisting of the most capable and performing pupils and students, should carry out lectures, workshops and debates on current topics according to the plan. All these activities aimed at 8helping students of a boarding school in their future socialization, while the participation of our volunteers in this project will serve as a great experience for them. According to the plan lessons in the laboratory carried out three times a week.

December 29, 2014 was the opening of the Informational Technology Laboratory, which translated by the TV channel «Bakhoriston». Lessons started on February 9 and finished at the end of May 2015. A total of 32 academic hours was carried out three times a week for two hours, according to the following timetable:

— On Monday the 6th grade;

— On Wednesday the 7th grade;

— On Friday 8 and 9 classes;
During these three months, the children have lessons on the basics of personal computers and information technologies. Some of the students have learned this subject without any difficulties but, unfortunately, among of them were the children who have limited opportunities to grasp the subject. These are retarded children. Despite of this, we were happy that these children have an incredible zeal and effort to learn. They also want to become full-7fledged members of society and contribute to the development of their country. We believe that these lessons had a large positive effect, both for students and for the teachers of the boarding school.

After completing the course of computer science, it was important to conduct tests in order to determine the level of knowledge that the students gained during this training. This event was held in the form of competition. The student with the highest number of points during won the cup from the RPO «Peshraft». There was test 6, 8 and 10 of April, and on April 15, we had a practical exam on computers. We were pleasantly surprised when we looked at the test results: many of them pass successfully. At the end of the project were awarded certificates of appreciation for participants of the project IT Lab from the boarding school № 2, for their active participation and shown great interest in lessons of computer science

According to the test results among students of sixth grade: Radzhabali Davlatov took the third place, second place went to Jumakhon Said and Hudoydod Kadyrov received the highest score on the test results and won the championship.

2Among the pupils of seventh grade: third place Musoev Ahliddin second — Abdusalom Safarov, and the first — Saidov Muin.
Among the pupils of the eighth and ninth grades: Mahmadkulov Sandzharbek and Ibodova Bibiradzhab took third place, second place — Ibragimov, Dilshod Ahror and Hussein, and Saidov Jami, received the highest scores among of all participants and became the winner of the competition. RPO «Peshraft» handed the Winner Cup to Saidov Jami.

The results of test had shown that the students of urban secondary schools have great knowledge about information technologies than the high school students of the boarding school. Therefore, we are not going to stop at what has been accomplished, but rather strengthen our efforts in this direction. We are planning to open such laboratories in other rural areas outside of Dushanbe, where there is no access to knowledge in the field of information technologies.

In the attachment to this report, you can become familiar with the program of learning computer technology in the Tajik language, as all lessons of pupils in the specialized boarding school № 2 were carried out only in Tajik. The program prepared by Nodir Toshev and Parvin Ziyoev and with the members Methodists of the comprehensive schools of Dushanbe. Parvin Ziyoev and Nodir Toshev took an active part in the preparation and implementation of the project «Informational Technology Laboratory». They directly held classes on the IT technology within three months.


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