Change for good

The airline «Somon Air» and the RPO «Peshraft» held an act of charity to raise funds «Change for good» for 4 years.  All funds which had risen were sent to support the poor and vulnerable children from remote areas of Tajikistan. The project «Charity envelope» with airline «Somon Air,» is one of the most successful and productive projects of the RPO «Peshraft», with help of which we have more opportunities to provide assistance to families and children from poor and vulnerable segments of the population.
«Somon Air,» is one of the largest and most successful airlines not only on internal but also on foreign airlines of the Republic of Tajikistan. He has made an invaluable contribution to the development of civil aviation of the Republic of Tajikistan and raised it to the international level on a par with many airlines of the world community. Moreover, «Somon Air» being the first airline in the world, which received a new award from the Airline ‘Boeing’, thereby reached international standards in the field of flight safety, which is potentially important for all passengers.

In turn, the PO «Peshraft» thanks «Somon Air,» for effective cooperation and an active social position, a great contribution to the development of civil society during all 5 years of working together. During all of these years we have worked on the basis of trust and mutual understanding, to successfully accomplish the tasks and responsibilities. The project «Trifle for the good» has helped a lot of people from vulnerable populations in remote areas of the Republic of Tajikistan. Today, we can give a number of examples of actions and activities, which were carried out with funds collected through this project The biggest event in 2013 was the fact that the RPO «Peshraft» allocated 7000 TJS from a joint project with «Somon Air» — «Trifle for the good» for the construction of a new boiler room in a boarding school near the village Chorbog Varzob region, the Republic of Tajikistan, held acts in nursing homes, in baby homes, boarding schools, both in the city of Dushanbe, and beyond  of it.


To date, in the bank account of the project «Trifle for the good» is 54,811 somoni. Since of the launching of the project were attended more than 5,000 passengers, and raised funds in 12 currencies of worldwide. Currently, up to 2017, we are planning to use tools for establishing computer classes in remote corners of the country for children and teenagers with disabilities.

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