Career consult

As part of the scholarship program «Invest in Talents» the project «Career Consult» was launched to render help for scholars in choosing a profession. What is the useful of «Career Consult», as the social surveys have shown, the question of choosing a future profession is still problematic for many seniors. We launched «Career Consult», in order to solve this problem and help scholars to make a prudent decision in choosing a specialty. How does it work? We sign the contacts with successful people, experts of particular areas and ask them to share their experiences with «peshrafters». For advice we assemble those high school students who are interested in a particular specialty. Therefore, during the consultations scholars receive a unique experience and develop their knowledge on a particular profession. This project has already attracted a lot of publicity. Today, career consultations were held in CJSC «Orienbank», Consulting and Auditing firms of BDO-Tajikistan Hotel «Dushanbe Serena», Medical University of Tajikistan, the Mobile company «Megafon-Tajikistan», LLC MCO «Alif — Capital», Radio «Vatan», Hotel «Sheraton Dushanbe» and so on. We are always glad to cooperate with other national and private companies, which can carry out the career counseling with our scholars and help them to make the right choice of future profession.

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