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TajikInvest Charitable Trust, which is registered with the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom, was officially launched on Jan. 6, 2010 by like-minded patriots, who are living, studying and working in and outside Tajikistan. In 2011, TajikInvest registered and opened its subsidiary in Tajikistan, which is known as Public Organization «Peshraft». Our aim is to promote and enchance education of the younger generation of our compatriots in and out of Tajikistan by searching for talented young individuals and providing them with opportunities that could potentially change their lives for the better.




Access to high quality and ethical financial services is among the key drivers of the economic growth. Alif Capital was founded in February 2014 to provide financing solutions to small and medium enterprises in Tajikistan.


минобрнауки The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan is one of the main partners of government agencies. All projects according to the charter of the organization aimed at improving the level of education and motivation of talented and gifted children from poor families. The Ministry provides a platform for the implementation of projects in Dushanbe and outside of it though its subordinate departments. At this time, we are realizing two educational projects.


The Committee of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism under the Government of Tajikistan is the central executive authority in the field of youth policy, sport and tourism, which is performing functions of a unified state policy and legal act regulation in the area of youth, development of physical culture, sport and tourism. This Committee coordinates and controls the activities of the centers, agencies, schools and other organizations within its system.



Somon Air is the first private airline in Tajikistan with an office headquartered in Dushanbe. The airline operations are based atDushanbe International Airport. The airline started operating on February 5, 2008 with regular flights to Moscow and Dubai. Somon Air also serves as the official carrier of President of the Republic of Tajikistan and other Tajikistan high-ranking officials. Since formation, Somon Air has been primarily focused on passenger service and transportation to Eastern Europe and other locations. Most flights to international destinations operate from Dushanbe.




In the world of Eastern and Western comforts, under the wing of a high service levels corresponding to the world standards of service! The hotel is located within a five minute drive from the airport. Our hotel safely be called a business high hotel .It should be noted, prices for accommodation in hotel TWINS is a pleasant blend of quality ofservice. Also we are pleased to offer you a large list of special offers and coupon programs. Satisfy your wishes and the requests for us is to attain a high level of service quality.A professional staff always have time for you to make your stay in the hotel Twinsenjoyable, a useful and rich.


Logo 1 lite JSC «FAROZ» is one of the leading national oil companies. It has a reliable and excellent reputation and the last 5 years leaders in the financial market. Faroz is one of the largest companies in Tajikistan and in terms of assets and capital this company is in the list of the largest financial institutions and one of the leaders of the financial sector.
555555 Tajikistan Chess Federation was founded in 1992 and in this year it became one of the first sports federations of independent Tajikistan and a member of the International Federation of the sport (FIDE). Chess play an important role in the intellectual development of man. So TCHF, together with the PO «Peshraft», holds chess tournament among the disabled people and boarding schools of the Republic of Tajikistan every year.


A leading manufacturer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment can be easily recognized by its well-known logo-shamrock, which originally had the shape of a clover (in 1972) and took a geometric form in 1991. More than 80 years the brand Adidas continues to be a part of the sport, amateur and professional world, and offers ultramodern shoes, clothes and accessories. Today, Adidas Group is a global leader in the sporting goods industry and offers a wide range of goods. Goods of Adidas Group are available in all over the world. Thus, in 2006, the famous world brand “Adidas” opened its official shop in Dushanbe.

logo23 Pizzeria «Don Cafe» in Dushanbe is a really haute Italian cuisine. For the lovers of fast food it offers a wide assortment of hamburgers and cheeseburgers cooked over the fire, along with a delicious cup of Brazilian coffee. «Don Cafe» opens its doors to all compatriots and guests and they can taste the real pizza, pasta, meat dishes, salads, and also sushi and rolls. Here you can enjoy the delicious dishes every day!
30983_html_6082ff86 Cultural center «Bactria» — the agency in Dushanbe, founded in 2001. The French humanitarian organization for the development of the institution ACTED founded this agency to maintain and develop cultural, educational and artistic initiatives. One of the initiatives is a preserving and popularizing the traditions of Tajik culture. The center also opened for spreading the modern art. The center hosts a variety of meetings, lectures, discussions with involving of researchers, artists, representatives of creative communities and groups. In addition, the center organizes artistic exhibitions, art presentations, fairs, crafts and film screenings.
чикен-sfc The network of fast-food SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN (SFC) –is the legend of England. SFC successfully works not only in his native Britain, but also in 50 other countries, including Tajikistan. In one month, more than 5 million households from all over the world visit SFS restaurants. In Dushanbe, the first fast-food SFC opened its doors in October 19, 2006 in the center of the city. In 2010, the company opened other SFC restaurants, which includes not just fast food, but also a children’s entertainment center Aladdin. SFC staffs are trying to do everything in order the visitors could feel themselves as at home and can choose everything they would like from a large selection desired menu, ranging from corporate meals — breaded chicken nuggets and ending with every type of pizzas, burgers and all kinds of tortillas. This place also offers fresh salads, fragrant soups, cooked according to a special recipe and much more. All dishes of SFC restaurant are prepared with fresh and high quality product, so everyone loves the taste of the dishes from this place.
back Tajik National Library – is the main national library of Tajikistan, which is particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Republic of Tajikistan. The National Library is a public cultural institution, a national repository of the heritage of science and culture and the cultural center of national significance. It complies with the requirements of the UNESCO.
unnamed «Vector» is a digital printing press with the latest technology and highly professional equipment. Printing «Vector» has extensive experience in the field of printing and always committed to the development! This center offers printing services for your business: business cards, calendars, cards — Leaflets, brochures, posters, banners, scan documents, A3 drawings As well as digital printing, manufacturing of souvenir production, design.
FF_400x400 iamdifferent — is an expression of your thoughts in your appearance. It is universal equipment for the modern city dweller. These are clothes for individualists. iamdifferent offers you to express your opinion, personality, individuality, voiced by your attitude through clothes and accessories. In addition, iamdifferent was voted the Brand of the Year in the category «Clothing & Accessories» in 2013.
madagaskar Children’s entertainment center «Madagascar» locates in the center of Dushanbe. It is the most comfortable and safe place for leisure, different type of activities and cultural events for children from 1.5 to 14 years, as well as their parents. Design of the Center is based on the idea of heroes of the cartoon «Madagascar.»