Charitable action «Let’s assemble a portfolio together»

On November 15, Peshraft held a charitable action under the slogan «Let’s Put Together the Portfolio!» The action was realized due to the general sponsorship of the Huawei Technologies of Tajikistan Company.

For 6 years of work with our organization we managed to create a small database of low-income families. During the implementation of various charitable actions, we try to help these families. So, several times we delivered food products, clothes, etc. This time, at the request of many families, we organized a charitable action «Let’s collect a portfolio together!». A total of more than 30 families took part, who received portfolios with school supplies (a pencil case, an album, colored pencils, simple, general notebooks, ball-point helium pens, bottles, etc.) Within the framework of the action, a flash mob was organized with the participation of 10 of our volunteers, who were distributed to 4 districts of Dushanbe and even outside the capital. They went to their homes to deliver gifts. As it turned out, some children did not attend school for more than a month because of a lack of school supplies. This is of course very sad. We will be happy if we can provide a positive impetus for the children to start walking again and enjoy life. Of course, with one portfolio, we did not solve the whole problem of this family, but we always talk with these families and encourage them to contribute to their own development and that their whole life is in their hands.

Every time we see smiles and joy on the lips of the participants of our action, it makes us very happy and we will be happy if other organizations like Huawei support such families. Thanks to the financial support of the Huawei company, the action was held at the highest level, we managed to acquire the most necessary things for the primary classes for the school. Huawei is one of the most successful companies in the world and is a professional in its field, despite this, the company often supports our charitable initiatives.

NGO «Peshraft» sincerely thanks Huawei Technology Tajikistan Company, this action of the General Director of the company Mr. Zhu Tian Xing and Tahmina Muratova for direct help and support in the implementation of the charity action «Let’s Put a Portfolio Together!»



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