Charitable action «Ba soliNav — bo umedi Nav!»

On December 19, 2017, Peshraft NGO and Dili Hairkhoh organized a grand unprecedented charity event for children with disabilities diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Within the framework of the action, a charity lunch was organized for approximately 120 children and their parents. Thanks to the famous restaurant «Nozanin», which gladly supported our charity event by providing us with good discounts for organizing a festive table.

The event was held at the highest level. For the first time in so many years we were able to collect so many people with this diagnosis. Perhaps it is more to treat the parents, because unfortunately, very often we see that they drop their hands very quickly because they think that it is almost impossible to cure or at least improve the condition of children with such characteristics. Fortunately, we got acquainted with the remarkable organization of the NGO «Dili hayrkhoh», which directly works with parents who have children with cerebral palsy. She is doing a great job for both children and their parents. For each child and the parent they have an individual approach. Thanks to the union of several social organizations, we managed to collect as many children as possible who could participate and received an unforgettable energy boost for a long time. During the event, parents shared their experiences with each other on very similar topics for them. It turned out that there are children who could not walk for 5-7 years, and after a short cooperation with the specialists of Dili khairkhoh, their children got to their feet and already some of them were able to significantly improve the condition of their children.

It was really very nice to see the achievements of the parents, their tears of joy, their persistence and results.

Since the children intended a festive New Year’s table, we decided to purchase not sweet gifts as is customary in the new year, but gifts for their intellectual development. We acquired such interesting developing presents: Children’s dominoes with interesting developing pictures, wooden tablet for studying time (dial) and seasons and different periods, Puzzles / puzzles, Velcro constructors, gypsum magnets, which children themselves must sculpt by preparing gypsum mass, and finally books with bright a beautiful illustration for children and colored pens.

We very much hope that the children were happy with these gifts will make their significant contribution to mental development, will make their life brighter and of course will present many positive and cheerful moments.

I would like to note that gifts for 105 children were purchased from the funds of the joint project «Peshraft» and «Somon Air» — «Charity Envelope» — «Changes for Good», which is conducted on the sides of the aircraft «Somon Air» for more than 5 years. I would like to express our great gratitude to the Somon Air Company for providing a platform for the implementation of this project, for fruitful cooperation and support of our charitable initiative.

NGO «Peshraft» also sincerely thanks the NGO «Dili Khayrkhoh» for the excellent initiative of holding a holiday for children with cerebral palsy and their parents and of course an excellent beginning of cooperation.

Public association «Peshraft» also sincerely thanks the NGO «Dili khayrkhoh» for the excellent initiative of holding a holiday for children with cerebral palsy and their parents and of course an excellent beginning of cooperation.

We would like to thank other partners without which our campaign would not be fully-fledged, of course, the company «Abdullo Media», which provides qualified services for creating high-quality video products, «Nozanin» Restaurant for a great festive table, «Vector» Printing and our precious volunteers, who also contributed to the behavior of this New Year’s holiday.

Special thanks to a person with a good heart — Anahita for impartiality and indifference towards vulnerable segments of the population of our country, in particular children with cerebral palsy. Thank you Anahita for your contribution and support!

Happy New Year 2018 dear friends and colleagues!


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