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On March 26, Peshraftees planted more than 10 lilac tree, thus contributing the piece of improvement to our beloved capital. For our activists it was the first experience of planting the trees. Though and the goal of planting the trees

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Capacity building

Considerable preparatory works were undertaken by Peshraft teem to arrange the series of workshops and trainings to Peshraftees– stipend holders. Successfully were conducted the following workshops/trainings . Time management— Peshraftees have an opportunity to get theoretical knowledge about the topic

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What is the scope of your work?

Public Organization Peshraft works in 4 directions: education investment, charity, arts & sports investment and career development.

How do you get funded?

Peshraft is an official partner of Tajikinvest charitable trust. Tajik citizens from all over the world donate their money for Tajikinvest charitable trust. In addition to that, PO Peshraft conducts its own fundraising campaigns to raise funds for charity actions.


  • Peshraft has become my gateway to success. I have always wished to pursue education abroad, and Peshraft helped me make my deam come true.
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    Suman Kurbanova, PO Peshraft Alumnae

  • Noble peope work at Peshraft! My life has changed since the moment I got selected for the Invest In Talents Stipend Program. I got to meet so many great people and participate in many different projects.
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    Muhlis Gubekov, PO Peshraft Stipend Fellow

  • Thanks to Career Consultations we've learned about Hotel Business & Management!) With an excursion over every corner of the Serena Hotel, interesting information about its structure, design and international recognition; with advises about getting the proper education, such as in Hospitality and Management; with some inspiring life-stories from the staff members- we have learned what it takes to create a home environment at any hotel of the world....thank you for introducing this sphere to us today!
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    Parvina Tashbaeva, PO Peshraft Volunteer.


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